What to expect- our process

What to expect- our process

What to expect from your insurance advisors

You will be allocated a specialist advisor for your type of business, charity or organisation

We will discuss your current situation to understand what is important to you and what cover you require. This will usually be a telephone conversation, e-mail or a visit, whichever suits you best.

Our professional staff will assess the insurance that will meet your needs. We will create a presentation which explains the nature of your organisation and will contact our insurance provider panel.

If any insurance providers request further information at this stage, we will let you know what additional details we need and why. We will keep you informed with the progress of obtaining quotations.

We will recommend a policy to suit you, and will also provide a list of available options, depending on your situation.

Once you have incepted cover with us, we will provide you with relevant risk advice for the duration of your policy. Sign up to our newsletters to find out more.

If you need to make a claim we will advise you of the process for your policy, and will act as your agent, advocating for you when required.

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