Eco-Home Insurance


Insurance protection for environment-conscious buildings and their contents

Struggling to be heard?

Someone who has invested considerable time and effort building a sustainable, safe and healthy home may reasonably expect insurance companies to be keen to cover them. Yet the opposite is usually true: most insurers are unable or unwilling to properly consider the risk being presented. Put simply, their computer says no.

We offer a listening ear

At Bridges Insurance we are thinking humans and who long to say yes, and we usually do. Our efforts to insure your home will mirror the enthusiasm you put into creating it. With so many alternative construction techniques and green technologies employed in eco-homes and other environment-conscious buildings, we don't pretend to know it all. Instead, we take time to learn all about your build; to carefully consider the real risks (or lack of them), and to offer you an insurance policy which offers the best possible cover at a sensible premium.

And we have the tools to give you what you need

Bridges' Home Select Insurance Policy is ideal for eco-homes and green buildings. It is a scheme administered by us with the Insurer's delegated authority, which means we can be flexible when underwriting risks. If you are experimenting with brand new technologies which are not yet tried and tested, we won't just send you packing. We can negotiate terms which reflect any concerns insurers may have about the risks, while leaving you with as much protection as possible.

In summary, our ambition is to:

  • Support environment-conscious building
  • Carefully research your eco-home or green building
  • Offer you an affordable insurance solution which gives you the maximum achievable cover

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us - we would love to hear from you, whether you wish to discuss your requirements, ask for advice, or talk to us about Eco-Home insurance.

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