Church Insurance

Church Insurance

Over recent years, churches have become exposed to an ever-increasing variety of risks. Whether you occupy your own building or you meet in rented or hired premises, your church insurance needs can be complex. We work with specialist church insurers to provide bespoke policies, incorporating a variety of cover options, to make sure your church insurance matches your needs.

When it comes to claims, things can be just as complex. Our job is to be your advocate and to make sure matters are resolved as quickly as possible. We will mediate between the parties involved to minimise your inconvenience and ensure a fair settlement.

Here's an example of covers available, together with typical cover extensions not included in church insurance policies but not incorporated into normal commercial insurance contracts:

  • Buildings including bequeathed property; structural alterations to the building; additional costs to comply with building regulation; and making safe of headstones and monuments.
  • Contents including employees' and members' personal effects; exhibitions and fundraising events; temporary removal of contents, and theft of keys.
  • Employers' liability with extensions for costs of employees attending court and unsatisfied court judgements.
  • Loss of income provides additional cover for exhibition sites; bomb scares; failure of public supply; and murder, suicide or disease.
  • Money with various areas of cover being increased on up to three special occasions during the year.
  • Personal Accident including the cost of supplying an alternative speaker and the cost of paying a contractor to complete works begun by a volunteer (when that volunteer is physically unable to finish the job).
  • Public liability with extensions for those travelling abroad, for hired premises, pastoral care and publishers' indemnity to cover official church publications.

And the following optional extensions are available:

  • All Risks for items away from the church, in the UK or World-wide
  • Sudden and unforeseen damage to electrical or mechanical plant
  • Heating installations, including cost of heating the church in the event of breakdown
  • Trustees Indemnity Insurance, for damages and expenses arising from a wrongful act committed by a trustee.

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