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 Management Liability (Directors & Officers)

Management Liability

Although fulfilling, we understand that managing and/or directing a business can be difficult. If you unintentionally carry out a wrongful act, your personal liability could be unlimited. Management, Liability Insurance, otherwise known as Directors and Officers, means that you have the right tools to deal with the legal risks involved so that, if legal action was taken against you for mismanagement, the costs are covered. Examples of what policies can cover include:

  • Expenses incurred by investigation by authorities
  • Financial penalties and civil fines
  • Theft and misconduct by employee or consultant
  • Awards and settlements (i.e claimant costs awarded against you)
  • Legal costs (i.e defence)

At Bridges, we work with insurers to give you specialist and tailored policies so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are adequately covered. We aim to give you insurance as hassle-free as possible, all the while working by your side and offering sound advice.

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